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The Resurgence Program


You’re a passionate achiever, and had visions of success, family, and a rewarding life.

The modern world has given you opportunities, conveniences, and plenty; but it has also taken a lot from you, both physically and mentally. The long hours, travel, careless eating habits, and stress have changed you.

In your heart, you know that your body is the inextricable piece of your Life Story. Your ability to move and feel, to think and achieve, to explore, and to love and dream are all rooted in Wellness; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.


Does This Sound Like You?


Did your youthful fit physique slip away when you weren’t looking?

Are there things you’ve dreamed of doing, but you just can’t; because you don’t think you could physically or mentally do it anymore? 

Do you have the physical energy and emotional enthusiasm to be there right now for everyone you love?

Does the stress in your life ever build up to the point that you feel like you just can’t move, or breath, or function?

Do you worry that a destiny of heart disease, cancer, or dementia will end your journey long before you can even enjoy everything you’ve worked so hard for?

Are you happy to see the person standing in the mirror every morning?

 You are not Alone.

We are the largest community on the planet, passionate achievers who are trying to live a dedicated life but have lost, or are losing, the very foundations of enjoyable living. 






I know how satisfying it is to reach your dreams. To be successful.  And I know how easy it is to lose it all, by simply losing sight of the most important asset you have; your health.  With such a busy life, it’s easy to do.

As a former Executive, Vice President with one of the largest pharmaceutical / healthcare companies in the world, and now as a successful entrepreneur in my second life, I have faced the reality that the modern views of balancing the demands of life and work against your health were all wrong.

Health and Wellness aren’t things you can deal with when you have a little extra time; they are the very foundations that make living, achieving, and happiness possible. If you or someone you love falls ill or is incapacitated, it will wreck your life. I know it all too well, because my world came crashing down around me, and I nearly lost everything that mattered.

If you’re like me, the wake up call has already happened, or will happen soon.


What if I told you that it was possible to rewrite your Life Story, and get a second chance?

To Lose Weight without dieting or counting calories, and never worry about it again?

And to keep yourself physically and mentally Supercharged as you age?


I’m living proof that it’s never too late.


About the Founder  -  Memo Stephens

About the Founder - Memo Stephens

Author, Speaker, Wellness Mentor

Once an Executive in the pharmaceutical industry, Memo's life was redirected by critical illness and tragedy. His recovery stunned medical professionals around the world, and his discoveries are the foundation for The Resurgence Program. See the ABOUT page for more.

Myths vs. Reality


For decades I thought if I got sick, a doctor would cure me. If I got fat, a miracle diet would make me slim. And if I struggled with balancing the demands of my professional life with my personal life, there had to be a magic elixir to make it all better. But it just wasn’t working.

The truth is, modern healthcare is intently focused on the profit equation of treating “symptoms” of illness, not preventing them. Dieting always fails because your weight is only a symptom, not the root cause, of a much more complex issue. And we’ve all been told to “deal” with stress, but never actually been taught how.

You’re ready to change your lifestyle and begin really living again, but there’s so much complicated information out there in the media, how do you know where to start?

Your first step is to find someone who has already navigated his way through the jungle ahead of you, and found a rich and fulfilling life on the other side. Find a guide. A Mentor.

I am “Patient Zero.”

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life researching, studying, and culminating the most current empirical evidence on nutrition science, microbiology, physical resilience, and managing stress, in an effort to pull myself back from the brink of life.

I have completely rewritten my Life Story; and the chapters yet to come will be the most passionate and daring.

I’ve learned that it’s possible to:

  • Reverse progressive illnesses like obesity, autoimmune disorders, chronic inflammation, headaches, depression, digestive problems, psoriasis and skin problems, chronic joint pain, high blood pressure, and the processes that lead to diabetes, heart disease, and serious cognitive decline.
  • Lose Weight Easily and Fast by stopping the whole “dieting” business, and let your body find it’s own natural healthy weight while eating like a king.
  • Get Progressively Healthier and stronger as we grow older, and have a physique that our “teenaged-selves” would envy.
  • Improve Happiness and Mood Swings, and regulate the way we interact with the world and people around us, even during those stages of life when our hormones are changing.
  • Master Our Minds and gain a higher level of cognitive functioning and decision making skills, and fight off the mental decline that was always associated as part of “normal” aging.


The Resurgence Program is all of this, synthesized into an easy pathway that anyone can follow.





The journey to a healthier, happier, and more satisfying life begins with a proven framework. A step by step process of preparation and follow through to renovate the foundation of your lifestyle. There are no fad diets or boot camps, just a simple process of learning, enlightenment, and change, and everyone goes at their own pace.

It’s a path to a new way of living. And the path has no end. It begins with finding your source of conviction; your reason Why.

Discovering Why

If shutterstock_212734498you start without any real source of conviction to stay the course, then you don’t have any reason to keep going. Everyone must find the one thing that motivates them above all else; the one thing they can fall back on when things get rough.

It took me years to understand the true nature of making lasting lifestyle changes, and I finally uncovered the secret for a lifetime of motivation. I’ll share with you all of the reasons “Why” that don’t last, and help you find the one that will change your life.

Preparing for Change

If you can embrace the idea of keeping an open mind, then you can succeed at changing your life. We all have a habit of clinging to ideas we thought were true, but our knowledge about wellness, nutrition, and healing is evolving everyday.

I’ll help you sort out the changing landscape of evidence about wellness, and share with you exactly what things made the most impact on my health, my weight, and my fitness.

And if your life already seems pretty full, The Resurgence Program will show you how to successfully integrate the change process into a busy life, and cultivate Critical Life Rituals. It’s a method of subtle, consistent migration to new habits, and the cumulative impact over time.

Making drastic changes in eating or exercising always fails, but slowly developing new rituals will give you a new life over time. No goals. No deadlines. No pressure. Just slowly adapt, and wake up one day and see a new You in the mirror.

Nutritional Healing

shutterstock_181951742More than anytime in history, we are coming to understand the true influences of nutrition in our overall state of wellness. Not just weight or health, but total wellness. It is the most crucial ingredient in maintaining your body’s immune system, it’s natural balance of weight, mood regulation, and cognitive functioning; as well as laying a foundation for a long lifespan.

The Resurgence Program will help bring some clarity to the decisions you face everyday regarding what to eat. And in case you’re wondering, I started healing and losing tons of weight after I started eating double the amount of food I consumed when I was fat and starving.

The magic is in understanding that your body needs certain nutritional elements to drive your immune system; other elements to protect your brain and your heart; others to promote muscle and strength; and still others to fight the effects of inflammation and disease processes. If you know what to eat, when to eat, and what not to eat, it’s a pretty simple recipe for transformation.

Physical Resilience

shutterstock_156243542Having a foundational level of strength and stamina can be the difference between succeeding and failing in many aspects of daily life. We were born to live a life of purposeful movement. Modern life and working conditions have a tendency to make that a difficult challenge, but it can be overcome with intentional effort.

The Resurgence Program begins with a simple and effective plan to keep your body in alignment, and counteract the effects of sedentary life on the skeletal framework. It’s a carefully designed series of static positions, movements and dynamic exercises done in succession, that will promote self healing, regain movement and flexibility, and rid you of pain that you probably just associated with normal aging. It’s also soothing, meditative, and calming. It’s literally as easy as laying on the floor, and all you need for equipment is a chair and a wall.

Then you’ll be introduced to ways to build the strength and stamina to face life on your own terms.

Recovery & Rest

Another pillar of wellness is meaningful recovery, both for your body and your mind. We’ll help you discover the 7 Secrets of achieving restful sleep and introducing other methods of active recovery into your daily routines.

When you learn to sleep well, the morning aches and pain, brain fog, and ugly mood swings vanish.

Stress Management

shutterstock_190602029Stress is something we all face everyday, and in many forms. It can’t be avoided, and it can’t be reduced. But we can manage the effects it has on our physical and mental capacity, and on the severity.

It’s a process of intentional focus and proven meditative and mindfulness techniques that will bring you back to form; and the program will help you master and integrate these into your daily life. Your stress levels will never again overwhelm you.

Finding Strength in Community

Team building isn’t just an art for successful leadership, it’s an art for successful living. Being able to identify and build a community of people who support your strengths, rather than enable your weaknesses, is a key to continuity.

Learning to deal with toxic people is a challenge we all face. But you can do it. You’ll also find a passionate community of like-minded achievers here in The Resurgence Program.

The Resurgence Program


Live workshops to help you feel younger, stronger, and more relaxed are being offered at the world-class destination resort, Tipiliuke Lodge, in the Lakes Region of Patagonia, Argentina. It offers an unprecedented opportunity to experience the beauty and wilderness of Patagonia and blend it with a transformative workshop.

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For those who can’t make it to a live workshop, The Resurgence Program will soon be available in an online-learning format through an exclusive membership site. The program is delivered in a combination of audio and video programs, with a total of 24 mentoring modules, that can be followed at your own pace.

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Memo Stephens enjoys personal interaction with passionate achievers trying to improve their health and the quality of their lives, but travel and commitments make it a very limited opportunity. He is available for personal mentor connections via email and video conferencing. If you think you could benefit from one-on-one interaction, please contact us.

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Is living a Healthy, Happy, and Successful Life important to you? Stay informed about all of our Live Workshops, Mentoring, and Learning opportunities.

What are people saying?

Real words from real people!
  • A wake up call to all of us regarding the roll we ourselves can play in achieving maximum wellness in our life. Memo Stephens challenges us to critically assess what our nutritional and lifestyle options are and what the consequences are for the lack of self stewardship. It is up to us to set a new course in our lives, even in the face of un-healthy mass marketed alternatives that are constantly coming our way.
  • I was thrilled (as a 72 year old) to realize that it is possible to re-attain and then to maintain a youthful demeanor. Memo Stephens makes the possibility a reality, with his first hand knowledge of the problems that occur in middle age or before when everything in the body seems to slow down,or is in less than optimum condition. His attitude is uplifting, and he speaks from first hand experience. I found his words to be encouraging, and he makes so much sense in a kind and caring way.
  • What an eye opener! ...I have never had a problem with my health... However, as I age, I find that stress and work have had an impact on how my body metabolizes food and alcohol. I always thought I ate well, but was shocked at how wrong I was. Mr. Stephens' approach was encouraging and inspiring. More like sitting and talking to an old friend about how they discovered a great approach to living. I am encouraged that it is never too late to change poor lifestyle choices. I recommend this to anyone in their mid years realizing that something needs to change. Many thanks to Mr. Stephens for taking the first step!