Rewrite Your Life Story.

The Resurgence Program


You’re a passionate achiever, and had visions of success, family, and a rewarding life.

The modern world has given you opportunities, conveniences, and plenty; but it has also taken a lot from you, both physically and mentally. The long hours, travel, careless eating habits, and stress have changed you.

In your heart, you know that your body is the inextricable piece of your Life Story. Your ability to move and feel, to think and achieve, to explore, and to love and dream are all rooted in Wellness; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

So you tried to start running; maybe you joined a gym; bought an elliptical machine to put in your bedroom; and you’ve probably tried every celebrity endorsed diet with its own romantic brand name.


How’d that work out for you?


  What if it was possible to rewrite your Life Story?

  Lose Weight without dieting?

    Be physically and mentally Supercharged?

     It’s Easy with Purposeful Lifestyle Renovation

The Resurgence Program


Live workshops to help you feel younger, stronger, and more relaxed are being offered at the world-class destination resort, Tipiliuke Lodge, in the Lakes Region of Patagonia, Argentina. It offers an unprecedented opportunity to experience the beauty and wilderness of Patagonia and blend it with a transformative workshop.

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For those who can’t make it to a live workshop, The Resurgence Program will soon be available in an online-learning format through an exclusive membership site. The program is delivered in a combination of audio and video programs, with a total of 24 mentoring modules, that can be followed at your own pace.

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Memo Stephens enjoys personal interaction with passionate achievers trying to improve their health and the quality of their lives, but travel and commitments make it a very limited opportunity. He is available for personal mentor connections via email and video conferencing. If you think you could benefit from one-on-one interaction, please contact us.

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Is living a Healthy, Happy, and Successful Life important to you? Stay informed about all of our Live Workshops, Mentoring, and Learning opportunities.

What are people saying?

Real words from real people!
  • A wake up call to all of us regarding the roll we ourselves can play in achieving maximum wellness in our life. Memo Stephens challenges us to critically assess what our nutritional and lifestyle options are and what the consequences are for the lack of self stewardship. It is up to us to set a new course in our lives, even in the face of un-healthy mass marketed alternatives that are constantly coming our way.
  • I was thrilled (as a 72 year old) to realize that it is possible to re-attain and then to maintain a youthful demeanor. Memo Stephens makes the possibility a reality, with his first hand knowledge of the problems that occur in middle age or before when everything in the body seems to slow down,or is in less than optimum condition. His attitude is uplifting, and he speaks from first hand experience. I found his words to be encouraging, and he makes so much sense in a kind and caring way.
  • What an eye opener! ...I have never had a problem with my health... However, as I age, I find that stress and work have had an impact on how my body metabolizes food and alcohol. I always thought I ate well, but was shocked at how wrong I was. Mr. Stephens' approach was encouraging and inspiring. More like sitting and talking to an old friend about how they discovered a great approach to living. I am encouraged that it is never too late to change poor lifestyle choices. I recommend this to anyone in their mid years realizing that something needs to change. Many thanks to Mr. Stephens for taking the first step!